Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Computing and the Creative Arts (COCA)

COCA 201  Introduction to Computing and the Creative Arts  Units: 3.00  

A multidisciplinary studio-oriented overview of computer-based applications in Art, Music, Drama and Film. History of human-computer interaction. Critical and philosophical issues. Animation. Virtual reality. Computer-aided design. Computer games. Enrollment is limited.

Learning Hours: 120 (36 Lecture, 84 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite Level 2 or above and a minimum grade of a C- (obtained in any term) or a 'Pass' (obtained in Winter 2020) in 6.0 units in (ARTF or ARTH or DRAM or FILM or MUSC at the 100-level). Corequisite (CISC 101 or CISC 110 or CISC 121 or CISC 151 or APSC 142 or APSC 143) or permission of the School.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science