Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Bader College

Academic Calendar 2022-23

The purpose of this Calendar is to provide details of the courses offered at Bader College as well as links to information concerning sessional dates, academic policies and procedures, admission requirements and procedures, financial information, and available programs. 

In the Course Description section of the Calendar, a course entry may contain the following information:

  • Course number 

Courses are numbered as follows:

Courses numbered 100 to 199 are introductory courses, normally taken in the first year. They may be differentiated by method and/or intention, and typically lead to further work. There are also 100 level courses which are intended primarily as electives and do not lead to further work.

Courses numbered 200 to 299 are normally taken in the second year and usually require a previous course in the subject. They are typically standard second-year courses for all plans.

Courses numbered 300 to 399 are normally taken in the third year and have prerequisites determined by the Departments. They are required in the third year of four-year programs, but are not necessarily required in three-year programs.

Courses numbered 400 to 499 are normally taken in fourth year and are primarily intended as senior courses in the four-year programs. However, they are open to all students who meet the prerequisites.

Courses numbered 500 to 590 are reading or undergraduate thesis courses.

  • Course Weights

Course weights follow the course number and are separated by a stroke, for example, CHEM 112/6.0 or ECON 111/3.0. Some courses have weights that are percentages or multiples of 3.0, for example, POLS 398/9.0

  • Course Title
  • Course Description
  • Notes

For example, that the course is only offered at Bader College.

  • Total Learning Hours that a typical student would spend in various activities associated with the course

L = Lectures; S=Seminars; Lb = Laboratories; T = Tutorials; G = Group Learning; I = Individual Instruction; aO = Asynchronous Online Activities; O = Online Activities; sO = Synchronous Online Activities; Oc = Off-campus Activity; Pc = Practicum; P = Private Study

  • Recommended

When present, these may include recommended high school background or other courses that are recommended prerequisites for the course. However, the student is not obliged to hold these prerequisites in order to enrol in the course.

  • Prerequisite statements

Many courses have prerequisites, that is previously completed courses or other requirements that must be met before a student may enrol in a course. Students who do not meet these requirements will not be allowed to enrol in the course in SOLUS.

  • Exclusion statements

Some courses have exclusions, that is a list of one or more other courses whose content overlaps sufficiently that only one of them may be used as credit towards a degree program. Students will not be allowed to enrol in two courses that exclude one another in SOLUS. If a student does complete both courses, only one will be counted towards the degree program. In such a case, the Academic Advisement Report in SOLUS will indicate an exclusion warning.

  •  One-way Exclusion statements

A few courses, particularly language acquisition courses, must be taken in the correct order if credit is to be given for both. A One-way Exclusion indicates that a student may not enrol in the course if they have already completed one or more of the courses listed in the one-way exclusion statement. Registration will be blocked on SOLUS. However, the student may take the courses in the opposite order, i.e. they may first take the course listed in the one-way exclusion statement followed by the course in question. Courses listed in one-way exclusions, if taken in the correct order, will both be credited towards the requirements of a degree program.  

Not every course listed in this Calendar is offered every year. For the most up-to-date information on course offerings, students are advised to view the Bader College website First Year and Upper Year pages.

Bader College reserves the right to limit enrolment in any class which becomes oversubscribed, even if the course description does not indicate a limited enrolment. Please note that under-enrolled courses may be cancelled.     

Communications regarding academic matters pertaining to Bader College should be directed to:

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