Academic Calendar 2022-2023


The School of Nursing will register students enrolled in the BNSc program in their required courses. A student who fails to complete registration by the last date to register for Fall Term and Fall-Winter Session is considered to have voluntarily withdrawn and must apply for admission to the program.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for ensuring that their course registrations are accurate and complete. Course prerequisites and limitations of enrolment should be noted carefully prior to registration. Students should ensure that the courses in which they register are appropriate to their degree program and will meet the requirements for graduation.

The dates for registration and related activities are given in the Sessional Dates.

Change of Registration

Students wishing to make changes in their academic registration are required to make the change on SOLUS. When the changes involve required courses in the program, authorization from an Undergraduate Academic Advisor of the School of Nursing is required. Students wishing to drop or add a course after the published deadlines, must appeal to the Chair, Undergraduate Academic Progress and Graduation Committee.

Academic Advising

Any student is free to seek advice from a Faculty Member in a particular course. For counseling about academic programs and regulations, students are directed to an Undergraduate Academic Advisor of the School of Nursing.