Academic Calendar 2024-2025

BNSc Four-Year Track of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
NURS 101 Professional Relationships 3.00
NURS 103 Philosophy and Healthcare 3.00
NURS 323 Introduction to Statistics 3.00
BCHM 102 Introduction to Biochemistry 3.00
PSYC 100 Principles of Psychology 0.00
NURS 100 Nutrition and Health 3.00
NURS 202 Health Assessment 3.00
ANAT 101 Introductory Human Anatomy 3.00
MICR 121 Microbiology for Nursing Students 3.00
PSYC 100 Principles of Psychology 6.00
Year 2
NURS 205 Medical-Surgical Nursing I 3.00
NURS 206 Nursing Practicum: Care of Chronic and/or Acutely Ill Adults I 3.00
PHAR 230 Pharmacology for the Health Sciences 3.00
PHGY 215 Principles of Mammalian Physiology l 3.00
PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology 3.00
NURS 207 Nursing Practicum: Care of Chronic and/or Acutely Ill Adults II 3.00
NURS 209 Gerontological Nursing 3.00
NURS 324 Research in Nursing 3.00
PHGY 216 Principles of Mammalian Physiology ll 3.00
Elective 3.00
Year 3
NOTE: These 3 courses will be taken during the same term, either Fall or Winter.
NURS 305 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 3.00
NURS 345 Nursing Practicum: Medical-Surgical and Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 6.00
NURS 325 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 3.00
NOTE: These 3 courses will be taken during the same term, either Fall or Winter.
NURS 372 Family-Centred Maternal and Newborn Nursing Care 3.00
NURS 373 Family-Centred Pediatric Nursing Care 3.00
NURS 371 Nursing Practicum: Maternal and Child, Family-Centred Care 6.00
NOTE: These 3 electives can be divided between Fall and Winter terms.
Elective 3.00
Elective 3.00
Elective 3.00
Year 4
NURS 403 Concepts of Acute and Critical Illness 3.00
NURS 404 Community Health Promotion Theory 3.00
NURS 405 Practicum in Community Health Promotion 6.00
NURS 414 Management and Leadership in Health Care 3.00
Elective 3.00
NURS 401 Current Issues in Nursing and Health Care 3.00
NURS 492 Integrated Practicum 9.00
 Total Units123.00
    • Students must successfully complete each year of the program, excluding electives, prior to progressing to any Clinical course in the next year.
    • To fulfill elective requirements, students may choose any available elective courses within Queen’s University, with the exception of courses below P10 level, which may not be used for credit in the nursing program.
    • Students in the Four-Year Track must complete a minimum of 50 percent of the total number of required units for the BNSc degree plus 3 units through Queen’s University.
    • Please note that to be eligible for the Dean’s Honour List and the Graduation Honours List, students must have completed a minimum of 27 Queen’s units in each academic year. See Academic Regulation 23.