Academic Calendar 2024-2025

11 Academic Information for Non-Commerce Students

11.1 Courses for Non-Commerce Students

All 200-level Commerce courses are term-length half-courses worth 3.0 units each. 200-level courses are not open to students in the Bachelor of Commerce Program. Exclusions, prerequisites, and other conditions for each of the following courses are included with the specific course descriptions in this Calendar and on SOLUS.

COMM 200Business Fundamentals3.00
COMM 201Introduction to Business for Entrepreneurs3.00
COMM 211Financial Accounting3.00
COMM 212Management Accounting3.00
COMM 221Introduction To Finance3.00
COMM 231Fundamentals of Marketing3.00
COMM 251Organizational Behaviour3.00

There are also several upper-year Commerce elective courses that are open to upper-year students in other faculties; however, these courses are reserved for Commerce students until the open enrolment period. Non-Commerce students must ensure they have completed the appropriate prerequisite courses.

Please see Courses of Instruction for courses available and relevant prerequisites.

11.2 Admission by Transfer 

There are a limited number of spaces for upper-year transfer students. To be considered for admission, upper-year applicants must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 (B+). However, most successful applicants have a minimum GPA of 3.7 (A-).

As well as submitting academic documentation, all upper-year applicants to the Bachelor of Commerce Program must complete a written application.

Calculus at either the senior high school or university level is a prerequisite. There are no other specific university-course prerequisites.

For more information on transferring as an upper-year student, please see Undergraduate Admission.

11.3 Admission as a Non-Degree Student 

A small number of spaces may be available for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree and who would like to take courses at Smith School of Business for one (1) or two (2) terms during one academic year. Interested students should contact Undergraduate Admission.

Admission to particular courses is based on space availability. Once registered at Queen's University, non-degree students must meet all normal academic course requirements. Non-degree students may not complete a Queen's Bachelor of Commerce degree by means of this program.

11.4 Certificate in Business

The Certificate in Business has been designed for Queen's University students in the Faculties of Arts and Science, Applied Science and Engineering, and the School of Nursing who want to gain fundamental knowledge in the key areas of business in order to broaden their career options upon graduation. For more information please visit the Certificate in Business website.