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Mining Engineering - Graduate Diploma in Social Performance Management in the Extractive Industries

The term “social performance” is preferred because it acknowledges industry reality.  The term captures both accountability and the suite of approaches to community relations that must be effected by companies whose activities have the potential to disrupt communities. Going beyond “community relations,” social performance describes a rigorous and methodical approach to community relations that is accountability focused: on negotiated definition of outcomes, development of mutually-agreed methods for dispute resolution, and on verification of outcomes satisfactory to all stakeholders.  

Admission requirements for students entering the SPMEI Graduate Diploma program will include:

  • A baccalaureate degree from a recognized university;
  • B- graduating average or higher (70% graduating average or a ranking in the top third of the graduating class where number grades are not available);
  • Under exceptional circumstances, consideration will be given to highly motivated individuals with relevant field experience who do not meet the B- requirement; and 
  • A statement of interest in the program will be required in order to ensure alignment of the applicant’s academic background, work experience, and career aspirations with the objectives of the program.

Although an Engineering degree is not required, relevant work experience in the area of Mining or other Extractive industries is essential.

For more information, contact The Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining to indicate interest.

Program Details
The SPMEI Graduate Diploma consists of four courses, delivered in an online and asynchronous format.  The program may be completed on a part-time basis over two or four 12 week terms, and courses may be applied towards completion of M.Eng. or M.A.Sc. degrees in some cases.

The Diploma consists of 4 core courses, all 3.0 credit units:
MINE 801 Community Aspects of Mineral Resource Development     
MINE 803 Community Engagement and Mining
MINE 804 Mining Projects and Indigenous Peoples
MINE 881 Mining Systems

This program is laddered with the M.Eng. program. Students that have completed the SPMEI Graduate Diploma can get credit for 4 courses towards their M. Eng. in Mining Engineering. To be admitted to the M.Eng. program, students need to apply and be accepted by School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.  Completing the SPMEI Graduate Diploma does not guarantee entrance into the M.Eng. program.